Early detection of cancer.


CancerFind is a blood-based test for multiple cancer early detection(MCED)

  • Screening for Cancer through a Blood Test

  • Tissue of Origin Prediction

  • · Early detection of multiple types of cancer with one simple blood test
    · Convenient screening solution for both asymptomatic and high-risk individuals that can be incorporated into routine medical checkups.
    · Accurate prediction of the tissue of origin of the cancer signal to guide further clinical action

CancerFind™ Test Process

  • 01

    Blood Collection

    • cfDNA isolation from blood collected during routine health checkup (10mL)
  • 02

    Early Detection

    • Multi-modal analysis of methylation patterns and genetic characteristics in cfDNA to detect signals of multiple types of cancer.
  • 03

    Tissue of Origin Prediction

    • If a cancer signal is detected, the test will further determine where in the body the cancer is coming from with high accuracy to guide further clinical action