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Early detection of cancer.

AlphaLiquid® Platform

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is circulating fragments of DNA that is released from cells into the circulatory system throughout the body.
Tumor cells also release DNA into the blood stream, which is called circulation-tumor DNA(ctDNA).

IMBdx Inc.’s AlphaLiquid® platform offers industry-leading ctDNA-based precision diagnostics solutions across the full continuum of cancer care, from therapy selection(AlphaLiquid® 100/HRR) to recurrence and minimal residual disease(MRD) monitoring (CancerDetect™),
and multi-cancer early detection (CancerFind™)

혈관내 종양세포,정상세포

What is Liquid Biopsy?

Liquid biopsy uses body fluids such as blood, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural effusion and urine to analyze trace amounts of ctDNA shed by tumor cells. Analysis of ctDNA can yield clinically actionable information to identify druggable targets, monitor therapy response, detect recurrence or screen for early-stage cancer.

Unlike tissue biopsies which involve invasive surgical procedures to obtain tumor tissue, liquid biopsies are based on non-invasive collection of body fluids such as a simple blood draw.

  • 혈액을 통한 간편한 검체 채취

    Minimally Invasive Specimen Collection

  • 종양 이질성 반영

    Reflection of Tumor Heterogeneity

  • 변이 기반 치료제 매칭

    Mutation-based Therapy Matching

  • · Non-invasive blood sample collection and cancer monitoring
  • · Overcomes tumor heterogeneity for effective precision therapy strategy
  • · ctDNA progression precedes radiological progression by a significant lead time, enabling earlier detection
  Tissue Biopsy Liquid Biopsy
Non-Invasiveness & Serial Testing
Tumor Heterogeneity
Therapy Response Monitoring
Recurrence & MRD Monitoring
Early Stage Detection & Screening

When are Liquid Biopsies recommended?

  • · Tumor profiling in difficult tissue acquisition
  • · Chemotherapy response monitoring
  • · Detection of resistance genes
  • · Early detection of Recurrence for Post-Surgery
  • · Early cancer screening
  • · Alternative to invasive biopsies

AlphaLiquid® Platform

The AlphaLiquid® platform provides industry-leading ctDNA-based precision diagnostics solutions across all stages of
cancer for patients, survivors and high-risk individuals.

Guide for AlphaLiquid® Solutions

  AlphaLiquid®100 / HRR AlphaSolid®100 /
CancerProfiler™ CancerDetect™ CancerFind™
Liquid Biopsy    
Tissue Biopsy    
Therapy Selection  
Therapy Efficacy Monitoring  
Biomarker Discovery  
MRD-Based Recurrence Monitoring      
Multi-Cancer Early Detection        
Target Group Solid tumor patients Solid tumor patients Solid tumor & Hematologic cancer patients Solid tumor patients or cancer survivors Asymptomatic & high-risk individuals

AlphaLiquid® Platform Our Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Proprietary biochemistry for high efficiency cfDNA extraction and library preparation
  • The most widely adopted liquid biopsy platform in Korea
Industry-Leading Performance
  • Patented bioinformatics engine for error-suppression
  • Machine-learning enabled pipeline for continued upgrades in genomic data analytics
Clinically validated
  • Robustly validated across over 10,000 patient samples
  • Over 30 completed and ongoing clinical studies and 12 peer-reviewed publications to date