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IMBDx to Attend Bio Health Worldwide Online 2020


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IMB Dx is attending the ‘Bio Health Worldwide Online 2020’ exhibit sponsored by KOTRA and the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy which will be held for 12 days beginning October 19th, 2020.  Over 500 companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, dietary supplements, and protective supplies, as well as over 1,000 potential buyers from all over the world, are expected to attend. The exhibit will be held entirely virtually due to COVID-19.


At its virtual exhibition booth, IMB Dx will be presenting its liquid biopsy platform, the AlphaLiquid® product series, which detects and monitors minuscule amount of tumor DNA in the blood with high sensitivity.  IMB Dx has already confirmed several meetings with various companies, including those from China, Vietnam, and Germany, that have expressed interest in IMB Dx’s services.


IMB Dx official said that the company plans on “continuously participating in global partnership opportunities through programs like Bio Health Worldwide Online that support our global expansion.”  She added, “Liquid biopsy has recently risen as one of the most anticipated areas in the healthcare field, and we are now prepared better than ever to enter the global precision oncology market with our proprietary technology and competitive pricing.”